MedPage Today: Bahamas Hospitals Struggle With Dorian’s Impact

A video shows patients, many in wheelchairs, being evacuated from the flooded Rand Memorial Hospital on Grand Bahama in the middle of Hurricane Dorian on Monday afternoon.

Water levels in the hospital rose to about a foot on Monday afternoon, “necessitating evacuation of patients and staff in the middle of the hurricane,” Conville Brown, MD, PhD, head of several medical complexes throughout the Bahamas, told MedPage Today via e-mail.

The only other hospital center on Grand Bahama is the “much smaller private hospital in the Sunrise Medical Centre Hospital Complex,” which remained dry the entire time. Access to the facility was a challenge for some time during the storm due to high water levels in the surrounding streets, said Brown, who is president and CEO of SMCHC.

SMCHC will help provide tertiary services until Rand Memorial can be brought back online, as it has “two operating rooms available for needed surgeries on island and in-patient care,” he said.

The facility was also used as a shelter on Monday evening for some 20 people evacuated from their flooded homes.

Brown noted that the “full extent of devastation to our infrastructure, inclusive of healthcare facilities, is absolutely not yet known as the hurricane only started to leave Grand Bahama Tuesday morning.” The island’s airport was still underwater as of Tuesday evening, complicating access to the area.

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